Inter Ministry

We praise God for what he has been doing in the Inter ministry this month. On the 6th September the students at Bangkok University were able to take part in the annual day to promote all the different clubs at the university. We are thankful for the many new students that were met on that day, and that some of them have already come to the cell group. We pray that God will continue to be at work transforming lives of the international students studying here.

Also at the beginning of the month we had some training for all the groups on how to lead Bible studies. We were encouraged by the students that came from several different universities and it has been really exciting to see students take the skills that they learnt, and begin to put them into practice on their campuses. It’s great to see students growing in confidence in handling God’s word and sharing it with others.

At the moment many of the cell groups have paused for mid-term exams, please pray as they restart that they will have a renewed passion for being witnesses for Christ on their campuses.